A family goes head to head with their corrupt government and pay a heavy price, but must continue to fight for freedom of those they left behind.


“Finding Courage” is a documentary about the strength of family and hope, no matter how great the challenge. It is the true story of a sister and brother who survived tragedy, but decide to face their painful past in order to prevent others from suffering the same fate.


Yifei Wang, is a softly-spoken, former Chinese journalist and a former fugitive in China. She now lives in exile in San Francisco, unable to return to China for fear of imprisonment because she practices the often-misunderstood, Buddhist-style practice of Falun Gong that was targeted for “eradication” by the Chinese communist regime in 1999 due to its popularity and traditional beliefs.

Every day Yifei has to muster up courage to continue to speak out and tell her family’s story, in the hope that she can free her brother, Leo, from prison (he was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for printing flyers documenting human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party), and find justice for her sister, Kefei, who was murdered in a Chinese labor camp.

Along her journey, Leo gets out of prison after 12 years and 3 months, and escapes with his wife to the USA. They arrive shell-shocked, and needing to heal, but in awe of the freedom in America. Soon Leo decides he needs to join Yifei and retell his experience in prison to help free others still there.

At the same time, Yifei’s husband, Gordon, is still in China, and investigating Kefei’s murder. He finds out there is a new director at the labor camp where Kefei was killed. Gordon insists on meeting the director and filming the entire encounter from arrival to an eye-opening meeting with the director, who admits that the camp is still paying for the storage of Kefei’s body.


Genre: Character Driven Documentary Film
Duration: Feature Length, TV Broadcast Hour
Production Company: Swoop Films
Executive Producers: Loren Mc Cune, Victoria Yang
Producers: Paulio Shakespeare & Kay Rubacek
Writer & Director: Kay Rubacek
Cinematographer: Paulio Shakespeare
Original Score: Tahu Parkinson
Associate Producers: Timothy Gebhart, Kacey Cox, Malury Imbernon, Adrian Morales-Demori, Ray Chen, Masha Savitz
Story Editor: Karen Everett
Current Stage: Post-Production
Expected Release Date: 2019